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TN-ARR Application

If you need more space for answers to application questions or prefer to write it out on a paper application please Click Here to download the PDF Version. Application forms may be submitted via email to, or sent by postal or express mail should be addressed to:


Tennessee Alliance of Recovery Residences P.O. Box 120114 Nashville, TN 37224


*A one-time $250.00 administrative fee is due at the time of submission* This may be remitted via check to the above address or by Venmo to @bonnie-stringer-1

Section 1: Residence Information
(Check the one that applies)
The Residences are (Check the ones that applie)
Type of Structure(s) (Check the ones that applie)
Currently in Operation? (Check the one that applies
Serving (Check all that apply)
Is Residence approved by any state or national associations?
Section 2: Affiliate Information
Does the applicant own or operate a licensed drug and alcohol facility?
Are you willing to fully participate in TN-ARR activities?
Have you read and understood the requirements?
Have you reviewed the NARR recovery residence 3.0 standards-compendium?
Have you reviewed and signed the Code of Ethics?

 If not, Click Here

Section 3: Contact Information
Primary Contact:
Secondary Contact:
Section 4: Applicant Signature

I certify that this application is supported by the applicant organization named above, and that it has delegated to me the authority to submit this application on its behalf

*By signing below, you also agree that you have read and understand the TN-ARR Code of Ethics and agree to abide by the standards expressed within.

 Click here for: CODE of ETHICS

Thank you for submitting your application! A member of the Tennessee Alliance of Recovery Residences will be reaching out to you soon!

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