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TN-ARR is Tennessee’s established housing resource for Recovery Residences. We provide a network of experienced, reliable, and accountable places of hope and responsibility for those who seek long-term recovery.

We serve as an educational resource and conduit to Tennessee’s high-quality recovery housing options where experience, safety, recovery and accountability are primary.

A safe Recovery Home environment is essential to long-term recovery. Living among others, whose healthy goals and habits are shared.

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Our Supporters

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering support of our dedicated supporters. The Tennessee Alliance of Recovery Residences stands proud as the sole organization in Tennessee that is nationally recognized for upholding recovery home standards and championing best practices. Our supporters play a pivotal role in our quest to ensure quality, consistency, and integrity in the realm of recovery residences throughout the state.


Susan O Binns

Susan O. Binns

Chairman of the Board

Susan O. Binns is a National Certified Alcohol Counselor and National Certified Recovery Specialist. She served as President of the Music City Recovery Resources Foundation, Inc and is currently the Executive Director of YANA, a safe house for women, Board Chairman of the Tennessee Alliance for Recovery Residences (TN-ARR), a Board member of the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR), and was the President of AHHAP. She has over 40 years’ experience in developing and implementing treatment, Recovery and prevention programs and has held many leadership positions with various State and National based programs.

Justin Coggins

Justin Coggins


As the President of TN-ARR, Justin brings over 6 years of invaluable experience from operating A Design For Living, overseeing 15 Recovery Homes in middle Tennessee. His dedication lies in certifying recovery homes and advocating for high-quality recovery housing throughout the state. Beginning with a single house, Justin's journey is fueled by personal experiences, propelling his mission to cultivate environments where residents can genuinely flourish, departing from subpar standards. His vision frames recovery as a profound path toward enriched lives, nurturing a genuine sense of belonging and advancement.

Logan Terry (TNARR)

Logan Terry

Vice President

 As VP of TN-ARR, Logan advocates for high-quality, safe, and supportive living environments  for individuals in early recovery. He also serves as Founder/CEO of Old Hickory Recovery, with three men's recovery homes. He also is the founder and Executive Director of the Keith Dixon Foundation, a nonprofit focused of providing recovery support services to Tennessean's who are struggling with substance use disorder.  Logan's devotion to positive impact, fostering recovery, and supporting fellow Tennesseans on their substance use disorder journeys defines his passionate leadership.

Brittany Harleston

Brittany Harleston


As the Secretary of TN-ARR and the Women’s Program Director at New Vision Recovery, Brittany wields a deep understanding of the fragility of early recovery and the significance of high quality recovery home environments. Drawing from her background at Cumberland Heights and Hope Homes, she serves as a guiding mentor, coach, and counselor for women under her care at New Vision Recovery. Brittany's profound commitment extends to her pivotal role within the Tennessee Alliance of Recovery Residences (TN-ARR), where her involvement as a committee member and secretary underscores her dedication to upholding industry benchmarks and fostering a supportive recovery landscape.

Tennessee Alliance of Recovery Residences

Shawn Byrum


Serving as Treasurer, Shawn Byrum brings extensive expertise to our team with years of dedication in the recovery home industry. As the owner/operator of Simply Living Recovery Homes, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to providing supportive environments for those on the path to recovery. In addition to his pivotal role in the recovery sector, Shawn's entrepreneurial spirit shines as he also owns and operates a successful restaurant situated outside of Nashville. His multifaceted experience and unwavering dedication make him a driving force in ensuring our financial stability and contributing to the growth of our mission.

Clint Ellis

Clint Ellis

Director of On-Site Assessments

Clint Ellis, Director of On-Site Assessments at TN-ARR, is the Director of Operations for Design For Living Recovery Homes in Nashville, TN.  Clint infuses boundless passion and energy into ensuring that TN-ARR certified homes are set up for success and growth. His own journey in recovery is a key driving force behind his unwavering commitment to fostering positive recovery environments.


Garrison Nuckols

Office Manager

Garrison Nuckols brings his proficiency to TN-ARR as the Office Manager. Beyond his pivotal role, Garrison is also the  Executive Director of Winston Place, an up-scale Men's Recovery Home in Nashville, Tennessee. His dual expertise in overseeing administrative functions and directing a recovery residence underscores his commitment to fostering reliable and accountable recovery environments. With a passion for implementing industry standards, Garrison's leadership amplifies TN-ARR's mission of ensuring high-quality recovery housing throughout Tennessee. His dedication resonates through his roles, making a tangible impact on the recovery landscape.


Kyle Duvall

Advocacy Chair

Kyle Duvall, the dedicated Advocacy Chair for TN-ARR, brings a wealth of expertise to our team. As Deputy Executive Director of Welcome Home Ministries in Nashville, TN, he demonstrates a deep commitment to recovery support. His involvement in the National Alliance of Recovery Residences Advocacy Committee underscores his passion for advocating on a broader scale. With over 25 years as an Organizational Development Consultant (ODC), Kyle's proficiency in development, grant writing, and fundraising campaigns amplifies our efforts to advance recovery housing standards and resources across Tennessee.

Nick Talmo

Nick Talmo

Affiliate Guide Team Coordinator

Nick Talmo draws from his role as the Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Old Hickory Recovery in Nashville, TN. With a profound understanding of recovery housing and an unwavering dedication to fostering growth, Nick's leadership has been pivotal in the success of Old Hickory Recovery. His expertise and commitment translate seamlessly into his role as an Affiliate Guide, providing invaluable support to our affiliates as they navigate the path to certification and excellence.


Phyllis Aubuan

Affiliate Guide Team Coordinator

Phyllis Aubuan, a valued member of our Affiliate Guide Team, brings a wealth of experience to her role. As the founder and Executive Director of Footprints to Recovery in Nashville, TN, Phyllis possesses over fifteen years of dedicated involvement in twelve-step recovery programs. Her visionary leadership led to the establishment of Footprints to Recovery nearly a decade ago, reflecting her unwavering commitment to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery.


Matt Culp

Affiliate Guide Team Coordinator

Matt brings his extensive expertise to guide and support our affiliates. As the Founder and Operator of Threshold Recovery Homes in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Matt's significant contributions have led to the operation of eleven successful recovery homes. His profound understanding of the recovery landscape and commitment to fostering supportive environments make him an invaluable asset to our team and the recovery community.

Morgan Baine

Morgan Baine

Affiliate Guide Team Coordinator

Morgan Baine brings five years of unwavering commitment in the Recovery field to her role. Morgan is the Owner/Operator of Phoenix Recovery, a high-quality recovery home for women in Nashville, TN, and is currently serving as the Client Outreach Coordinator for Healing Housing, a prominent Women's recovery home program in Franklin, TN, Morgan's profound experience enriches her guidance and support for our affiliates. Her passion for empowering individuals on their recovery journey resonates through her work, making her an integral part of our team.

Toby W

Toby Wagner

Regional Affiliate Director - East Tennessee

Toby Wagner is our dedicated Regional Affilliate Director in East Tennessee, bringing a wealth of experience to our team. As the Founder and Operator of Recovery Trail Recovery Homes in Sevierville, Tennessee, Toby's visionary leadership has established a strong foundation for recovery support. With an acute understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the region, he plays a vital role in advancing recovery housing standards and resources. Toby's unwavering commitment to fostering growth and providing a supportive environment embodies our mission to guide individuals towards lasting recovery.

Tracey Levine

Tracey Levine

Events Chair

Tracey Levine, is the Executive Director of Healing Housing, a nonprofit women's recovery housing program in Franklin, TN, Tracey's leadership has been pivotal in providing a safe and supportive environment for women seeking recovery. Her dedication extends beyond housing, guiding the planning and execution of impactful events that foster awareness, support, and community engagement. With a passion for both recovery and advocacy, Tracey's role ensures that our events resonate with our mission and create meaningful connections within the recovery community.

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