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TNARR Certification

Apply For Certification

If you are interested in obtaining TN-ARR certification for a recovery residence, please complete the application below.

Benefits of Certification

What is the Certification Process?

Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.

TNARR Vetting Process


Our thorough onboarding process begins once we receive an online application. After we have received the online application, a dedicated member of the TN-ARR Leadership committee initiates a discovery call with prospective applicants, assessing their readiness for certification and confirming alignment with NARR Standards and Code of Ethics. Once deemed prepared to proceed, applicants are seamlessly guided to submit their applications. Additionally, they are thoughtfully matched with an Affiliate Guide Team, ensuring a smooth and supportive transition into the certification process."

Affiliate Mentorship

Affiliate Mentorship

 Through this collaborative process, we conduct an initial assessment of the home either in person or through a virtual walk-through, documenting and addressing any necessary corrections in the physical environment or in the application. Our Affiliate Guide Team takes the time to educate the applicant on the nuances of NARR Ethics, Standards, and the Person-First language Model structure. In a consultative manner, we review the completed application packet, offering suggestions for refinement. By fostering a rich learning experience. Once, The application packet is completed and all supporting documents are gathered, a final on-site assessment is scheduled.

Onsite Assesment

On-Site Assesment

A dedicated member of our expert On-Site Assessment team meets with the applicant at their recovery residence to evaluate the physical environment. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that the home(s) align with and adhere to NARR standards, fostering a safe and supportive setting that prioritizes recovery and well-being. 

How Much does Certification Cost?

We understand that operating a high quality recovery residence can already be financially stressful. That is why we have made the Application fee and Annual Dues as affordable as possible.


When Initially becoming Certified, Annual Dues are pro-rated to the beginning of the following year

*A One-Time Application Fee of $250 Due upon start of the application process with the Affiliate Guide team.

When Certified, Annual Dues are paid on January 1st of every Calendar year. Cost is dependent upon the total amount of certified beds within the organization.

Recovery Residences with 1-8 Beds

$300 Per Year

Recovery Residences with 9-20 Beds

$400 Per Year

Recovery Residences with 31-40 Beds

$600 Per Year

Recovery Residences with 41-50 Beds

$700 Per Year

Recovery Residences with 21-30 Beds

$500 Per Year

Recovery Residences with 51+ Beds

$800 Per Year

PO Box 120114
Nashville, TN 37212-0114
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