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File a Grievance

At TN-ARR, our commitment is to uphold the highest standards for recovery homes in Tennessee. We recognize the importance of providing an avenue for individuals to express their concerns regarding the homes we certify. If you have encountered any issues or have concerns about a particular recovery home or, please use this anonymous grievance form.


Every submission is taken with the utmost seriousness, reviewed meticulously, and addressed in a timely manner. Your feedback plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of our certification process and ensuring that recovery homes in our state offer safe and supportive environments. Your voice matters, and we appreciate your willingness to share.

Tennessee Alliance of Recovery Residences

Grievance Form

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Anonymous & Confidential

We understand that sharing concerns can be a sensitive matter. Please be assured that the submission of grievances through this form is completely anonymous. Your personal details or the source of the grievance will not be disclosed, ensuring your utmost privacy. At [Your Organization's Name], we prioritize the confidentiality of every individual who comes forward. Rest easy knowing that your voice can be heard without compromising your identity.

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